Ready Set Mary Jane w/Bow BLACK

Black Mary Jane Mooshu Trainers


Toddlers are famous for changing their minds (and their outfits!) on a whim. Our Ready Set Mary Jane with an interchangeable bow are perfect for kids who like to swap accessories regularly.

Instead of a closet full of different colored shoes, the bows on our Ready Set Mary Jane can easily be changed to give them a brand new look. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, special occasion or simply Tuesday, these shoes will look and feel special to even the pickiest of toddlers. Parents love them, because not only are they a cost efficient way to get a “new” shoe, the flexible soles and durable material make them comfortable for little feet. Like all Mooshu Trainers, they come with removable squeakers.

So let her squeak happily through the farmers market in one color bow, swap it out for her playdate, then switch again when it’s time to cruise around the backyard chasing the dog.



 CM  Inches  US/Euro
 12.2 cm  4.70 in  size 3/19
 12.8 cm  5.00 in  size 4/20
 13.4 cm  5.25 in  size 5/21
 14.0 cm  5.50 in  size 6/22
 14.6 cm  5.75 in  size 7/23
 15.2 cm  6.00 in  size 8/24
 15.8 cm  6.25 in  size 9/25

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