Some See a Wish - 8 oz - 100% Soy Wax Candle Scent: Serenity

  • Enjoy the comforting smell of clean laundry without doing the laundry! This high quality, 8 oz soy filled green ceramic candle has a clean cotton scent. The green ceramic is accented by the heart felt words in black, "Some see a weed some see a wish," and black hand drawn dandelion seeds. You'll love the warm glow and clean cotton scent it brings to any room. This ceramic candle comes in 5 different styles. It's perfect for every occasion, like a birthday, Christmas or just to say how much you care. Buy one for each of your best friends as this sweet candle says it all for the special friends in your life.

  •   Some see a weed some see a wish

      Small handmade feel ceramic candle

      Refreshing clean laundry scent soy candle

      Great gift for a friend, desk decoration or bathroom decor

      Comes packaged in a gift ready decorative box

      When the candle is melted away use the ceramic vessel to store small items such as tacks or paper clips

      Original designs creatively developed in Upstate, NY

  •   Line -Dandelion Wishes

      Made with Ceramic Vessel, 100% Soy Wax

      Measures - 2.75 L  x 2.75 W  x 3.75 H

      Item number - 77111 | UPC - 664843771116

       Available Today

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